The Stars Have Eyes

Posted on January 2, 2013


The Stars Have EyesCurrent cosmology still speculates that all things as we know them burst forth into existence with the Big Bang some 13.75 billion years ago; from this natal explosion all matter and energy raced forth and spread out, creating the known Universe and everything in it. Quantum Physics has shown that in reality matter has little, if any, solid foundation – at the sub atomic level even the energetic vibrations that dance to create the illusion of solid matter pop in and out of existence. Building on this idea, Quantum Superposition theory goes so far as to state that all matter exists in all states everywhere, until an observer decides to observe it. Therefore “matter” is actually more akin to thoughts – the thinking of a concept actually creates it. The Universe and everything conceivable in it is all just an idea – an idea that arises in consciousness, the consciousness that is the very energy from the Big Bang itself. Perceived this way, the Universe is just a thought, a thought considering itself. Together we see that the Universe has conspired to create this very moment, and our heartbeats are the manifestation of the single energy from the very source. All around us in this eternal present is all that was and is and ever will be – as such time truly has no meaning – and when I look into your eyes I see the origin of everything.

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