Radio Saudade: Episode 6

“Musician, wey carry him band? He play for Union of Deaf-and-Dumb. He miss road. Oh yes, he miss road. He go play for nothing. I say he miss road.” Fela Anikulapo Kuti, He Miss Road.

or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 6 (mp3) here.

(Intro) – Whale Songs (Excerpt) – Mystical Whale Songs, 2009.

Herbie HancockWatermelon Man – Head Hunters, 1973.

Ocote Soul SoundsPan, Chamba y Techo – Coconut Rock, 2009.

Cachao López – Malanga Amarilla – Cachao Descargas: Havana Sessions, 1957.

Africa RitmosPica O Dedo – Angola Soundtrack – The Unique Sound of Luanda (1968-1976), 2010.

Manu ChaoDesaparecido – Clandestino, 1998.

VA, Feat. Paul “Wrong Move” Crossdale – Darker Shade – A Tribute to Reggae’s Keyboard King Jackie Mittoo, 2004.

Dawn PennYou don’t Love Me (No, No, No) – 12″ Single, 1994.

Tapper ZukieBig Things – Riddim Driven – Sleng Teng Extravaganza, 2005.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti He Miss Road – He Miss Road, 1975.

PatatoSon de Patato – Legend of Cuban Percussion, 2000.

Cal TjaderAlonzo – Plugs In, 1969.

DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 6 (mp3) here.

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