Space is the Place: the Sun Ra Appreciation Society

Sun Ra

What is not to appreciate about the inimitable Herman Poole Blount, known forever as his professional persona, Sun Ra? One of the most prolific musicians of the 20th Century (recording over 1000 songs), the self-professed extra-terrestrial from the planet Saturn here on Earth to invite all Earthlings seeking a brighter today and tomorrow to join him in “the magic church of the mythocracy” infused our collective human consciousness with joyful, spiritual and soulful jazz that ran the gamut from swing to bebop to the most avant of the avant-garde as a jazz pianist, composer, band leader and poet during his near 60-year career.

Killer shades.

The smoothest Saturnian cat around, Sun Ra was the mad genius of mad geniuses, whose seemingly nonsensical ramblings and cosmic philosophies belied an intense intellectualism firmly grounded in a profound understanding of Eastern philosophies and religious mysticism. His music, life and ideology continue to fascinate and inspire artists, musicians, writers and philosophers around the world – most of whom are firmly convinced that we still haven’t caught up with Sun Ra’s vibe (check out sax legend John Gilmore testifying that Ra played “meaner intervals than Monk or Mingus” at about 27:00 on the attached documentary by Robert Mugge entitled “Sun Ra – A Joyful Noise.”) Also included are a couple of sample tracks painfully chosen from Sun Ra’s immense catalog as well as the 1974 film “Space is the Place” which Sun Ra wrote and starred in. Check out Sun Ra’s Amazon page here.

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