Radio Saudade: Episode 8 – REGGAE.

Heavyweight roots vibe tonight – enjoy.

My way is long, but the road is foggy,
My way is long so long, but the road is foggy, foggy
My head never swell, my heart never leap
I never have no fear from within (x2)
Even though the road is so so foggy, foggy yeah
Can hardly see, Jah Jah is my eyesight
Be with I, be with I, be with I Jah Jah!
Jah Jah be with I, I and I and I and I!
Deh an’ dem hate I, deh an’ dem does fight against I
Some of them a judge I wrongfully
But never mind my brother I will go on.

Burning Spear, Road Foggy

or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 8 (mp3) here.

Leroy “Horsemouth” WallaceNot Even the Dog that Piss Against the Wall of Babylon – Excerpt from the film ROCKERS, 1978.

Max Romeo and the UpsettersWar Ina Babylon – War Ina Babylon, 1976.

Burning SpearRoad Foggy – Hail H.I.M., 1980.

Tapper ZukieDub Driver – Escape from Hell, 1977.

Leroy “Horsemouth” WallaceBroke Me Neck? – Excerpt from the film ROCKERS, 1978.

Desmond DekkerIsraelites – Israelites, 1969.

CultureSee Dem A Come (12” Mix with Prince Weedy) – Two Sevens Clash, 1976.

Freddie McGregorRoman Soldiers – Introducing Niney the Observer, 1995.

Prince Far IBorno Dub – Dubwise, 1991.

Michigan and SmileyDiseases (12” Mix) – Greensleeves 12” Rulers, 2007.

Don DrummondMan in the Street – Downbeat the Ruler: Killer Instrumentals from Studio One, Volume 1, 1988.

Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, Richard “Dirty Harry” HallHustlin’ Like Raindrops – Excerpt from the film ROCKERS, 1978.

Eek A MouseAnarexol (12” Version) – Most Wanted, 2009.

Jah Thomas – Entertainment – From Dubplate to Download: The Best of Greensleeve Records. The Biggest Dancehall Anthems 1979-1982, 2002.

Big YouthScreaming Target – Ride Like Lightning: Best of 1972-1976, 2003.

Bob Marley and the WailersGet up, Stand Up – Talkin’ Blues, 1991.

DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 8 (mp3) here.

6 thoughts on “Radio Saudade: Episode 8 – REGGAE.

  1. In another life, SaudadesBrothers was (is?) born and bred Kingston-town, and I know this from personal experience. SB, you are so full of reggae that you don’t, can’t, know it. You badass freak foka, carry on.

  2. This is the final word from Trenchtown: SB is THE wyliest set of brothers to ever walk the curbside of the hard life and talk about it. Facts mon, and END.

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