La Troba Kung-Fú

Jesús brought these guys to my attention a few months back and the more I listen the more I find myself listening. Coming straight outta Cataluña, La Troba Kung-Fú epitomize the cultural bouillabaisse that makes Barcelona the cosmopolitan capital of the Iberian Peninsula.  Since 2005 this catalán band without borders has been ingeniously fusing rumba, dub, cumbia, flamenco and blues into a soulful and often bouncy stew for your speakers. Their most recent album, A la panxa del bou is not available through Amazon yet but can be purchased through the band’s website – find it here. Also check out their MySpace page for more tunes and plenty of information. Below are a few excellent tracks to wet your whistle – get into it!

Enjoy the band’s great tribute to Ronaldinho. Not to be missed by any fan of the Beautiful Game.

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