Episode MCCXVII: The Motorbike Mixtape!

Posted on December 4, 2015


The Captain

Greetings and love my Fearless Vampire Killers – and welcome to the Motorbike Mixtape aka “What’s in the Captain’s Keg?” A little bit of everything is the answer: some past, present and future with true roots and soul being the common denominator. Dedicated to the OGs at the spot in Hanoi, I have too many ideas so let’s call this Side A…

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Brigitte Fontaine: Le Gourgon

Madlib: Episode X

J Dilla: Make it Fast

Xylophone Torung of the Bahnar Tribe 

Ahmed Al Sonaidar: Raee Al-Gamel

Burning Spear: Fire Down Below

Early B: Gone A Mexico

Calebass-Zither Ting Ning of Bahn

Ros Sereysothea: Kon Komsot

Poison Flowerz: Books Of War (instrumental)

Poison Flowerz: Books Of War (DOOM and RZA)

J Dilla: Jay Dee 19

Alkalino: Mandinga

Gal Costa: Vou Recomençar

Bob Marley and the Wailers: Kinky Reggae

Beastie Boys: Mark on the Bus

Viktor Vaughn: Vaudeville Villain

Pharaohe Monch: Push

J Dilla: Purple (Instrumental)

OGs at The Spot: Hanoi

OGs at the spot: Hanoi