Fela + De La = FELA SOUL

Happy 76th Birthday to Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, aka FELA! What better way to celebrate than by hyping Amerigo Gazaway’s killer mash-up of Fela and De La Soul, FELA SOUL. Seriously – what’s not to love?! Listen to selected tracks and check out the teaser video below,  and link to the Amerigo Gazaway’s page HERE to download the […]

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Feliz Dia da Saudade

Happy Saudade Day, people. Get into the mood, spill a bit of wine on the floor para os santos and enjoy a couple of musings by the master of the spirit, Lisboa’s own Fernando Pessoa. Abração!   “Estou só e sonho saudade. E como é branca de graça A paisagem que não sei, Vista de […]

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BBC: “If you could take one thing away with you from when you were playing, what would it be?” Cantona: “When I did kung-fu on the hooligan.” BBC: “Really?” Cantona: “Yeah.” More great Eric Cantona quotes and bio here.

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A few days ago I was in Alaska sipping PBR in a can at the Seward AleHouse with Santo when I received a text message via carrier pigeon from our man south of the equator, Disko Baloba, wondering where I’ve been of late and why haven’t I posted anything in almost 4 months. While Disko’s […]

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