“The true Way is as vast and boundless as outer space. How can you talk about it in terms of right and wrong?” – Nansen “Who would then deny that when I am sipping tea in my tearoom I am swallowing the whole universe with it and that this very moment of my lifting my […]

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Saudades for Gomez

I never remember my dreams. On the rare occasion that I do they really stick with me. I pick at them and turn them over and over in my mind, and the longer I do the longer they tend to accompany me as the Universe continues to spontaneously unfold all around me. Because they’re so rare these […]

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The New Haiku Vol. 4

  *     After a heavy rain An owl’s call Illuminates the starless sky       *       Wherever we perceive duality Know that it is False       *       Money and ego, Ego and money – I am interested in neither.       *   […]

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The Stars Have Eyes

Current cosmology still speculates that all things as we know them burst forth into existence with the Big Bang some 13.75 billion years ago; from this natal explosion all matter and energy raced forth and spread out, creating the known Universe and everything in it. Quantum Physics has shown that in reality matter has little, […]

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The New Haiku Vol. 3

A cacophony of stars shatters the clear night sky   *   Down to the street to be alone among the people   *   Fog of thoughts Suddenly: The call of passing geese   *   At the bottom of the can Only the Brazil Nuts remain It’s another late-night mixed nuts caper.   […]

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Dao Li: The GEETUS Manifesto

The things we distinguish as real change, while their names do not. How then can reality be known through names? Red Pine Taoists have long understood the folly of language and its limitations to capture reality within its silly arbitrary cages, and here at Saudade Brothers it is in the untranslateable where the heart resides. […]

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A few days ago I was in Alaska sipping PBR in a can at the Seward AleHouse with Santo when I received a text message via carrier pigeon from our man south of the equator, Disko Baloba, wondering where I’ve been of late and why haven’t I posted anything in almost 4 months. While Disko’s […]

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