Jesús Ibáñez

Jesús Ibáñez is a native and resident of the port city of Vigo, Spain. A proudly stereotypical gallego, Jesús possesses “a genius for poetry, a love of music, a fascination with death and a tendency towards melancholy.” (John Hooper) He is an ardent Galician Nationalist and Anarcho-Syndicalist, and he specializes in political and social commentary – publishing both regularly on walls around town. A football philosopher who believes that o jogo lindo is the largest culturally unifying force the Earth has ever seen, Jesús follows developments closely, ardently supporting R.C. Celta de Vigo in the process. As they say, with Jesús “nunca se sabe si sube o baja en la escalera” – and that is just how he likes it.

Jesús Ibáñez, age 5.

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