Disko Baloba

Born on the island of Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited location on Earth, Disko Baloba is a DJ by vocation. He currently resides in Búzios, Brazil where he lives in a 3-walled palm-roofed hut on Praia da Tartaruga beach, next to Bar do Peixe. Despite his total inability to speak Portuguese he communicates through the universal language of music and survives happily by bartering drinks, music and Wi-Fi service with the locals in exchange for freshly caught fish, warm smiles and sound insights into the human experience. Disko also owns and operates a JA-style roaming sound system bumping beatz and banter, both local and global. He does not own a passport.

Disko Baloba. Recife, Brasil. April 8, 2011

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