Radio Saudade: Episode 20 (Side A) – The Black Helicopters Mixtape.

black helicopter

“Time has officially ended.” – Sun Ra.

So Jesús Ibáñez showed up on my beach on Tuesday evening and he appeared a little out of his mind, with wild, sleepless eyes, ruminating on death, existence and the end of time, a new tattoo on his arm of a strange, cyclopic skull with a halo hovering on top. He was jabbering away about seeing black helicopters following him in the sky and mysterious white vans parked in front of his apartment, dudes taking pictures of him when he checks his mail, strange clicks on his phone line, his cupboards rearranged when he gets home; he said he keeps trying to take pictures of the helicopters but they keep coming out blurry and no one can see them; he threw his iPod into the ocean because he was convinced that it was a homing beacon leading the helicopters and vans to him, so he only had an old-school yellow Sony Walkman with a cassette (Maxell) mixtape in it.

Just traded 3 mixtapes for this last month.
My Honda Hobbit: Just traded 3 mixtapes for this last month.

He downed the shot of cachaça that I handed to him, handed the mixtape to me, looked to me in the eyeball and said “You see you,” and disappeared into the crowd. Episode 20 is side A of the mixtape, side B is only white noise, static, ambient bird sounds and unintelligible speech (which is why this episode is so short). Contemplating it all as I stared out over the calm turquoise sea of my adopted Recife-home, I suddenly heard a helicopter in the distance. I quickly uploaded the contents of this mixtape, shut down the cabaña, and as I was hopping on my recently acquired Honda Hobbit PA 50 to take the hell off outta there I noticed a white van parked just down the street. Going underground, people. This is to be continued…

Download free mp3 here.

LungfishBlack Helicopters – Artificial Horizon, 1998.

Boom BipRoads Must Roll – Seed to Sun, 2009.

MadvillainShadows of Tomorrow – Madvillainy, 2004.

Boom BipMannequin Hand Trap Door – Seed to Sun, 2009.

The PupilsLamb With Human Hands – The Pupils, 2002.

JJ DOOMGuv’nor (Instrumental) – Unreleased.

MF DOOM (Feat MF Grimm) Tick, Tick – Operation: Doomsday,  2011.

MadvillainLight of the Past – Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix – 2008.

The PupilsIt’s Good to Have Met You – The Pupils, 2002.

LungfishLight for All – Artificial Horizon, 1998.

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