Richard Swarbrick: Making the Beautiful Game Even More Beautiful

When does sport become art? When do athletic prowess and years of training transcend a battle of skill and become Shakespearean poetry personified? When Richard Swarbrick animates it, that’s when.

Last year, for a lark in his free time, the London-based elementary school teaching assistant animated Gareth Bale’s single-handed demolition of Inter Milan in last year’s Champion’s league, and woke up to internet fame. Since then he’s animated more of the most captivating highlights of the 2010-2011 football season: Barcelona’s resounding 5-0 annihilation of Real Madrid at the Camp Nou and Wayne Rooney’s bicycle-kick winner over cross-town arch-enemies Man City that regained the fans’ trust and adoration following his brief flirtation with abandoning Ferguson & Co. Check them out below, and visit his website for even more animations as well as his music. Enjoy!

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