Surf GZ (English)

Posted on May 20, 2011


What is it that attracts us to the sea? Why does it call all of us? Is it that it reminds us of our primordial origin? Is it our very cells or DNA that turns our consciousness toward the oceans? Perhaps it is its insurmountable immensity that which reminds us of the unarguable insignificance of the human ego, and that therefore submerges us – however briefly – in the great unity of everything.

Whatever the reason may be, the bewitching call of the sea has been heckling me for a few days now, seeing that I’ve been traveling for quite some time through unknown lands very far from the water. And just when I couldn’t take it anymore and was beginning to gather up the money for the flight home to Vigo, I stumbled upon some videos that have saved my sanity and allowed me to smell the sea salt and hear the murmur of the waves even here in the mountains among the Cherokee ghosts.

The first is from la ruta norte by the Basque surfer Kepa Acero, who has embarked on trip along “The Northern Route” of the Camino de Santiago, traveling the north coast of Spain on bicycle and surfboard meeting and recording its people and its waves. The second is from the blog desde la croa, from Ferrol, Galicia, that documents the history of surf in Galicia and captures nice videos and reflections on the surf life in my home waters. They both have great taste in music and very high-quality videos. If you ever get a craving for a glimpse of the sea, it’s worth your while to check them out.

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