Radio Saudade: Episode 14

“…At first there was nothing…then nothing turned itself inside-out and became something.” – Sun Ra.

Komuso Crew digging crates for this global sonic gallimaufry. Press play to enjoy…

or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade: Episode 14 (mp3) here.

Burning SpearTravelling – Spear Burning, 2001.

Prince AllaBosrah (Extended) – I Can Hear the Children Singing 1975-1978, 2003.

La Troba Kung-FúMaría Hernandez – A La Panxa del Bou, 2011.

Dimba DiangolaTira Sapato – Angola Soundtrack – The Unique Sound of Luanda (1968-1976), 2010.

Manu ChaoLa Vie a 2 – Clandestino, 1998.

QuanticLife in the Rain – 5th Exotic, 2001.

NujabesThe Final View – Metaphorical Music, 2003.

Hank MobleyChain Reaction – Straight No Filter, 1966.

Eddie Palmieri17.1 – Superimposition, 1970.

J DillaSo Far to Go (Instrumental) – The Shining Instrumentals, 2006.

Sun RaThat’s How I Feel – Lanquidity, 1978.

DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade: Episode 14 (mp3) here. You know you love it.

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