Radio Saudade: Episode 9 – El Moro at the Controls!

The Universe is a mirror.Diego El Moro

El Moro is in the house tonight to mastermind the mix with a bag full of soulful and meditative records obtained fresh from a journey wandering the East. Nuff respect!

or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 9 (mp3) here.

Shiv Kumar Sharma, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Brijbhushan Kasra Bageshwari – Call of the Valley, 1967.

John ColtraneIndia – Impressions, 1963.

Srivinas Reddy and Sameer GuptaRhaga Jog – Jhalla – Hemant & Jog, 2008.

安東ウメ子 (アーティスト)イウタ ウポポ – ウポポ サンケ, 2003.*

Kudsi ErgunerUlvi – Passion: Sources, 1989.

Sheila ChandraEver So Lonely-Eyes-Ocean – Moonsung, 1999.

Clifford ThorntonMahiya Illa Zalab – The Panther and the Lash, 1970.

Miles DavisShhh/Peaceful – In a Silent Way, 1969.

*(Sorry, only Japanese information available for this one. It’s Ainu music from the people indigenous to northern Japan/southeastern Russia. Visit Amazon Japan here for a link to the album. It’s the first track.)

DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 9 (mp3) here.

One thought on “Radio Saudade: Episode 9 – El Moro at the Controls!

  1. Thanks Diego el Moro for the trip inside. I love Shivkumr Sharma on the santoor and call of the valley. I am glad to have found a group of mix heads that can absorb the subtle reflective light from another creature eyes and mix it to beat to chromatically align with AUM. Great job!

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