Radio Saudade: Episode 1

Saudade Brothers kicking it up a notch. Radio Saudade: Episode 1 at your fingertips. Press play to enjoy the tunes.

or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 1 (mp3) here.

Radio CitizenThe Hop – Berlin Serengeti. 2006. Buy it here.

Sun RaTwin Star of Thence – Lanquidity. 1978. Buy it here.

Slavoj ZizekOn violence – from BBC interview. 2009.

Manu ChaoPolitik Kills (Prince Fatty Remix) – Politik Kills EP. 2008. Buy it here.

Panda BearComfy in Nautica – Person Pitch. 2007. Buy it here.

King JammyDarker Shade of Dub.

Thievery CorporationFree – Culture of Fear. 2011. Buy it here.

Soccer Game, Salvador – Bahia: Traditional Music and Moments of Brazil. 2007. Buy it here.

Geraldo Azevedo – Ai Que Saudade D’Ocê – Comigo Ao Vivo. 2009. Buy it here.

GuitarHow So Bright of Universe – Sunkissed. 2002. Buy it here.

Eddie PalmieriMixed Marriage – Vámonos P’al Monte.  1971. Buy it here.

John ColtraneCrescent  – Crescent.  1964. Buy it here.

DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 1 (mp3) here.

5 thoughts on “Radio Saudade: Episode 1

  1. Fantastic!

    I’m listening to many of the songs for the first time. The Zizek clip is a nice touch too.

    I’m a huge jazz fan but I’ve never gotten around to Sun Ra’s music. Thanks for including his music.

    It is still a wonderful feeling to discover new music (even if it was made many years ago).

    I look forward to more episodes of Radio Saudade.

  2. Oh, my bad, I got it now…had to download adobe something; ignore previous post.

    Thanks for opening my ears!

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