‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano Appreciation Society

Takeshi Kitano: the renaissance man, the mythological beast, the living legend. Simply put, and in all seriousness, one of the greatest and most multifaceted actors, directors, writers and artists of our time.

Original Art by Takeshi Kitano
Original Art by Takeshi Kitano

5 thoughts on “‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano Appreciation Society

    1. Oh – WOW. My humble and sincere apologies for my all-too-hasty response! I was under the sorely mistaken impression that I was already aware of the show you referred to – but that was not the case at all! There’s much to process here! Thanks so much for enlightening me to yet another aspect of a seriously complex character – much appreciated! I’ll be checking that site again regularly. Is it yours or are you involved with it? Thanks again! PEACE

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