El Celta Permanece de Primera.

Well, Saturday the season came down to a brutal, gut-wrenching finish with every Celtista wondering if the end would be one of tragedy or schadenfreude, as Celta’s hopes of remaining in the first division were pinned to two separate events conspiring for our glory: Celta de Vigo had to defeat Espanyol, and Gallego arch-rivals Deportivo […]

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BBC: “If you could take one thing away with you from when you were playing, what would it be?” Cantona: “When I did kung-fu on the hooligan.” BBC: “Really?” Cantona: “Yeah.” More great Eric Cantona quotes and bio here.

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Genius at Work: the “Top 3” Goals in Premier League History

“Several hundred thousand” fans recently voted on the greatest goals in the English Premier League’s 20-year history. Here are the top 3. Enjoy! 1. (26% of the votes) Wayne Rooney‘s unforgettable bicycle kick-winner vs. Man City in February of 2011. My gut tells me the multiple Shakespearean telenovela-esque dramas at play in this derby led to the […]

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The Villain

In football bad boys are common, but the true pariah is rare. Perhaps for that reason, poured over ice with a sweet twist of schadenfreude, I’ve always rooted for The Villain, whenever destiny wills him to appear. Enter Carlos Tevez. Known as “El Apache,” the diminutive facially-scarred juggernaut first made headlines within the villainy context […]

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Radio Saudade: Episode 1

Saudade Brothers kicking it up a notch. Radio Saudade: Episode 1 at your fingertips. Press play to enjoy the tunes. or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 1 (mp3) here. Radio Citizen – The Hop – Berlin Serengeti. 2006. Buy it here. Sun Ra – Twin Star of Thence – Lanquidity. 1978. Buy it here. Slavoj Zizek – […]

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Richard Swarbrick: Making the Beautiful Game Even More Beautiful

When does sport become art? When do athletic prowess and years of training transcend a battle of skill and become Shakespearean poetry personified? When Richard Swarbrick animates it, that’s when. Last year, for a lark in his free time, the London-based elementary school teaching assistant animated Gareth Bale’s single-handed demolition of Inter Milan in last year’s Champion’s […]

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I Lost My Tooth Playing SEPAK TAKRAW

Well not really, but I would be proud to if I were cool enough to play this off-the-charts sport that combines the best elements of soccer, Brazilian footvolley and Kung-Fu wrapped up into an incredible spectacle of gravity-defying athleticism and badassery, that, outrageously, I had remained ignorant of until a missive arrived last night from […]

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Something to Tide You Over

Waist deep into the summer season, i.e. the European football vacuum, with not a single Galician team qualified for Primera División action next season (click here to read all the gruesome and horrific details of la pesadilla futbolística gallega) things are starting to feel a little bleak. Here are a few videos to get you through the […]

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