The Jesús Manifesto.

I’ve been spending a lot of time riding the ferry back and forth between the city and Cangas lately, staring out at the Ria de Vigo, watching the two coastlines symbiotically approach and recede, and wrestling with Diego‘s YUGEN post from several months back. Maybe El Moro‘s just on a higher plane – drifting in […]

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El Celta Permanece de Primera.

Well, Saturday the season came down to a brutal, gut-wrenching finish with every Celtista wondering if the end would be one of tragedy or schadenfreude, as Celta’s hopes of remaining in the first division were pinned to two separate events conspiring for our glory: Celta de Vigo had to defeat Espanyol, and Gallego arch-rivals Deportivo […]

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Feliz Dia da Saudade

Happy Saudade Day, people. Get into the mood, spill a bit of wine on the floor para os santos and enjoy a couple of musings by the master of the spirit, Lisboa’s own Fernando Pessoa. Abração!   “Estou só e sonho saudade. E como é branca de graça A paisagem que não sei, Vista de […]

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BBC: “If you could take one thing away with you from when you were playing, what would it be?” Cantona: “When I did kung-fu on the hooligan.” BBC: “Really?” Cantona: “Yeah.” More great Eric Cantona quotes and bio here.

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Genius at Work: the “Top 3” Goals in Premier League History

“Several hundred thousand” fans recently voted on the greatest goals in the English Premier League’s 20-year history. Here are the top 3. Enjoy! 1. (26% of the votes) Wayne Rooney‘s unforgettable bicycle kick-winner vs. Man City in February of 2011. My gut tells me the multiple Shakespearean telenovela-esque dramas at play in this derby led to the […]

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