Radio Saudade: Episode 4

“I’ve been through many times in which I thought I might lose it – the only thing that saved me has always been music…cuz life ain’t nothing but a good groove – a good mixtape to put you in the right mood.” Beastie Boys, Professor Booty. or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 4 (mp3) here. Ambient Sounds […]

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Radio Saudade: Episode 3

Radio Saudade: Episode 3. “Devoção e paciência. Mixtape é como uma procissão de um homem só.”  – Rodolfo Viana. (“Devotion and patience. The Mixtape is like a procession of one man.”) Enjoy. or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 3 (mp3) here. Ismael Quiñones – Control – Freak Off: Latin Breakbeats, Basslines and Boogaloo, 2001. Electro Côco – Quem […]

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Radio Saudade: Episode 2

Radio Saudade: Episode 2 at your disposal to satisfy your sybaritic head-bobbing needs. or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 2 (mp3) here. Eivind Groven – Tveitanvise – Nordisk Sang, 1991. Andrés Landero y Su Conjunto – La Pava Congona – Cumbias y Gaitas de Colombia Vol. 1, 1996. Juana Molina – Un Día – Un Día, 2008. Joe Harriott – Jaipur – […]

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Radio Saudade: Episode 1

Saudade Brothers kicking it up a notch. Radio Saudade: Episode 1 at your fingertips. Press play to enjoy the tunes. or DOWNLOAD Radio Saudade Episode 1 (mp3) here. Radio Citizen – The Hop – Berlin Serengeti. 2006. Buy it here. Sun Ra – Twin Star of Thence – Lanquidity. 1978. Buy it here. Slavoj Zizek – […]

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Haoles on the Pequod

In recent days, my mind has been awash in a cascade of Hawaiian saudades, a phenomenon that has occasionally accompanied me since the 80’s, when American television networks forced their viewers, even here in Europe, to choose between tropical miniseries. The Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Magnum P.I. battled weekly for supremacy in the working […]

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The Otis Jackson, Jr. Appreciation Society (aka MADLIB Sound System)

Coming straight outta Oxnard, Otis Jackson Jr., a.k.a. Madlib is the youngest member of our illustrious league of Appreciation Societies. Hip hop DJ, producer, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, expert musicologist and crate-digger extraordinaire, Madlib (also known as The Beat Konducta in addition to a wide host of aliases and alter-egos) is arguably America’s most creative and certainly […]

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瀬場潤 NUJABES: World without Words

The musical lovechild of Astrud Gilberto and Ali Shaheed Muhammed, Tokyo DJ Nujabes’ ethereal jazzed-out soundscapes are equally at home gazing out at a sunset over Ipanema Beach or relaxing at a rooftop barbecue in Brooklyn. Spearheading a beautiful new vein of hip-hop interpretation, Nujabes first began to gain deserved recognition as one of the […]

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